Wednesday, July 15, 2009

We've Moved!

What a whirlwind journey we've been on these past few months since launching My Audio School! My email inbox has been flooded with requests for audio material from other time periods, and I was stunned to find my site on The Old Schoolhouse's Facebook Fan site and on the Tapestry of Grace twitter page, among other sites that I myself visit frequently!

In response to this overwhelming vote of support, my family has spent hundreds of man-hours this summer building the new and much improved, child-friendly My Audio School, which now contains content for the entire four year history cycle.

Due to the huge amount of work involved and the costs of providing a professional site that can handle high traffic, we are asking a small yearly subscription fee to unlock all of the content, though 25% of our content will still be available for free.

This original My Audio School site had a small amount of material, which was focused only on the Middle Ages through the Revolutionary War. Our new site has almost 500 items and climbing, including over 200 full-length classic audio books, radio theater relating to historical events or classical literature, and television and radio broadcasts from 20th century events.

What started out as a labor of love for my dyslexic son has become our family's labor of love for the entire homeschool community, and for the Lord Who gave us this vision. I feel a bit like Charlotte in Charlotte's Web, having completed my "magnum opus"....tired, but joyful.

I hope you'll visit us at the brand new My Audio School, and tell your friends about us.